Guru Purnima & Hanuman Mahotsav 2009

Guru Purnima - 7 July

7th July 2009 Tuesday - Guru Purnima

On this important day, the programs started with the recital of Guru Gita by devotees. The sounds of the powerful Mantra had made the listeners transcend to a celestial plane. After Sri Chakra Puja, Sri Swamiji released Vishnu Sahasra Nama Audio CD and Book (Hindi, Telugu and English Versions)

In His Guru Purnima Message, Sri Swamiji gave an important message and Mantra to the devotees.

Devotees who are close to and follow Sadguru in thought, word and deed escape the torment of time. Swamiji gave a beautiful analogy- the grinding stone. The seeds that remain close to the pivot escape the process of getting crushed in between the two stones. Parabrahman is the one who rotates the grinding stones. The grinding stone represents Kaala or time. The pivot represents the Sadguru. The seeds represent the innumerable species. Those who remain in the behest of Sadguru and follow Him in thought, word and deed, escape the grinding in the Kalachakra. So follow Sadguru in your thought, word and deed.

Saccidananda Rupaya Krsnayaklista Karine
Namo Vedanta Vedyaya Gurave Buddhi Saksine

The family of Dr. Palkar performed Pada Puja on behalf of all the devotees. Suvasini Puja and Tulaabhaaram preceded the Guru Samarpana by devotees.

In the evening, prizes of distributed to the winners of various categories of Bhajan Competition. More than 94 persons attended Kriya Yoga Camp. Later, Sri Swamiji conducted the important Draw of Raffle, in which Five Prizes including a Car, Plasma TV were given away to the winners.

Sri Swamiji also launched a project Setu Bandha - where by each devotee should enroll their name. Each registered participant shall write the Hanuman Chalisa or the Mantra - OM HANUMATE NAMAHA and offer ONE DOLLAR. All the members of each family can also enroll. The proceeds of this scheme would be utilised towards the ongoing project of Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple at Frisco.

Brief Biography of Sri Swamiji (Hindi & Telugu Version along with Audio Book) - brought out by Smt. Heera Duvvuri, were released. Later Chicago Devotees organised Tula Bhaaram and Dolotsavam to Sri Swamiji. Earlier, Bhargavi from New Jersey danced to the tune of a Devi Keertan.

While Sri Swamiji was seated on the Swing, More than 150 Devotees formed a circle to do the Daandiyaa Style of Dance (Gujarati Style) to the popular tune of Gurujeena Naamnee Ho (Gujarati Bhajan), Yamuna Tat par Brundavan Me (Hindi) and Ninnu Nammi Vachchianaanu (Telugu).

On this occasion, an innovative program - Symphony of Yoga was conducted. Noted Professionals were invited to broach on various subjects ranging from medicine to Holistic approach to music.

The festive gala permeated the venue. The feel of Annual reunion of Datta Family interspersed with Puja, Devotional Rendition, Cultural Fete, Charities was enormous. Moreover the Captivating Presence of Sri Swamiji had a magnifying effect on hundreds of Families, who could rejoice as revelers, get elevated as seekers and worked as cohesive Datta Family Members.

The programs were web cast live, in a couple of websites and reported in Gemini Television in a number of countries.
Jaya Guru Datta

Guru Mantra

Devotees light sparklers as Sri Swamiji arrives on Guru Purnima day

Sri Swamiji walks into the Frisco conference Center

Sri Chakra Puja by Sri Swamiji

Release of the much awaited audio CD - Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra rendered by Pujya Sri Swamiji

Pratyaksha Pada Puja by Dr. Palkar's family

More than one thousand devotees were present at the massive Frisco Conference Center for Guru Purnima Celebrations


Tulabharam for Pujya Sadgurudeva

Pujya Sri Swamiji in Uyyala (swing)

Daandiya style dance by devotees to the popular Gujarati, Hindi and Telugu Bhajans of Sri Swamiji

Yamuna Tat par Brundavan Me ..........

Sri Swamiji plays the Daandiya sticks in front of the Utsava idols of the Sri Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana

om aim hreem shreem shiva rama anagha dattaya namaha