Guru Purnima & Hanuman Mahotsav 2009

Datta Yoga Center Inauguration

The idea of a full fledged Centre of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji in United State of America, took birth in the year 2007, on the occasion of Guru Purnima in Toronto. The idea became a reality in 2008, when Sri Swamiji flew from Trinidad Hanuman Temple Anniversary to bless the newly acquired 10 Acre Plot in Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, in Northern Texas. For the next few months, devotees from all over the country had supported the Dallas Group of Devotees in building a Centre of Cultural Excellence. The centre was rightly named by Sri Swamiji as Hanuman Cultural Centre, where one could nurture and develop their talent in music, dance, Language and Dharma.
As per the designs approved by Sri Swamiji, the Dallas Group had constructed a magnificent Prayer Hall, Kitchen, 6 Class Rooms and other utilities in the first phase of the Project, under the auspices of Datta Yoga Center - USA.

Sri Swamiji was indeed happy with the resolve and commitment of the devotees and commensurately awarded their efforts with Four Important Programs namely:

  1. Inauguration of Hanuman Cultural Center
  2. Hanuman Raga Sagara
  3. Guru Purnima Celebrations
  4. 4th GNAA NAA BHA Yoga Sammelan

27th June 2009 - Saturday
Sri Swamiji landed at DFW International Airport, from Evansville. He was cheerfully received by a group of devotees, including Datta Raksha Mantra Chanting Children from Bala Datta Group. Ignoring the tiresome schedules and grueling travel, Sri Swamiji decided to visit the houses of local devotees who worked for the Centre. The stringent 500 mile travel, spread over three days (starting from early morning thru mid night to more than 38 houses) proved the abundance of compassion and affection of Sri Swamiji had for the group. And it is another example which stands testimony for the fact that Sadguru attaches importance to simplicity, commitment and dedication alone, not for any other mundane reason.

 1st July 2009
Sri Swamiji visited Sri Rama Mandir, at Plano Temple. Many Hindi Speaking Devotees congregated to listen to Sri Swamiji's discourse. Speaking in Hindi, Sri Swamiji advised people to take a look at Yoga Vaasishtha and Adhyaatma Ramayana and blessed the Temple for its development.

3rd July 2009
Even as the Construction was in the final stages, Sri Swamiji decided to inaugurate Hanuman Cultural Centre of Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple on this auspicious occasion of Aashaadha Shukla Ekdashi (Popularly known as Saayana Ekadashi or Prathama Ekadashi). Being a Friday of Aashaadha Maasa added importance to the day.

Ganapati Homa, Punyaha Vaachana and Vaastu Homa were conducted in the evening. Arriving at 7.20 PM, Sri Swamiji offered Purnahuti for the Homa and unveiled the icon of Hanuman at the entrance along with the inauguration plaque. During Sri Chakra Puja, Smt. Vasundhara played Veena, accompanied by Sri Narasimha on Mrudangam. Hundreds of devotees thronged

the hall, rendering it too small to accommodate the bulging crowds. Dr. VV Prakasa Rao, President of Datta Yoga Center welcomed Sri Swamiji. Sri Bharat of Florida, who nearly completed the structure, in a very short time was blessed along with Sri Timmayya, architect of the Centre.

In His brief address, Sri Swamiji greeted the devotees, for joining the inauguration ceremonies. He explained difficult financial duress, braving which the Dallas Team has come with the Centre. He lauded the support of Devotees all over the country and called upon the devotees to continue and increase the level of support to pay off the remainder of debt. He averred that a full fledged Grand Temple, will be constructed in near future for the benefit of Public.

It was recalled that the first ever cultural program in Mysore Ashrama (in 1966 during it's inauguration), was a Veena Recital by Sri RS Keshava Murty and here in Dallas, the history was repeated. Pancha Mukha Anjaneya Mantra was recited by Sri Swamiji, for the protection of devotees. He said, this Mantra is being given to all, as a gift on the occasion of Inauguration.
The Mantra is as Under:

Vande vanara narasinha khagara kroasva vaktrancita
nanalakaraa tripancanayana dedipyamana ruca.
hastabjai rasi khea pustaka sudhakumbhakusadrin hala
     khavaga phai bhuruhau ca dadhata sarvari garvapaham..

(This Mantra can be heard in the CD - Karya Siddhi Hanuman)

In spite of humid and hot atmosphere, devotees were enthusiastic to have a glimpse of Sadguru Deva. The air of joy brimmed with happiness as an environment of family reunion pervaded. Hundreds of devotees from different countries, states congregated for the Celebrations. Anna Daanam was performed to all the devotees, rendering the inauguration highly successful.

Spiritual Camp
Earlier in the morning, Sri Swamiji blessed the children participating in the spiritual camp, attended by children of all ages in Montessori of Frisco. Addressing the gathering, Sri Swamiji compared the Five faces of Hanuman to the phenomena of five elements. Remembering this Guise of Hanuman would result in the protection of mind and body. He advised children to learn native languages and music for harmonious development.

Inauguration of Hanuman Cultural Center on 3rd July 2009
Devotees eagerly waiting for Pujya Sri Swamiji's arrival

Sri Swamiji offers Purnahuti for Ganapati Homa

Sri Swamiji unveils the icon of Hanuman at the entrance of Hanuman Cultural Center

Sri Chakra Puja by Sri Swamiji

Sri Swamiji addresses the huge gathering in the prayer hall

Sri Swamiji stands in front of the huge Hanuman painting on the wall of the Prayer hall

A view of the Hanuman Cultural Center. The DYC land was completely parked with cars.