Discourse July 14th,2011 Dallas

New Jersey

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Dallas ~ 14 July 2011

"Beautiful paintings. A devotee has made. She suggested at price of $200-$300 each. I said I would select one painting for a silent auction. She has done 69 paintings. They are like photographs. Outside, definitely they will fetch $200-$300. First she made all Hindu deities. I told Rajyalakshmi to make some scenery also.

We need to give our children works of art like these. In fifteen to twenty years, their value will be recognized. We need to encourage artists like this. She has done this as a service to Hanuman temple. Through these painting donations will be given to Hanuman Temple. Tomorrow we will begin.

I will select one painting for the silent auction. You make a bid. The next person makes a higher bid. Like that. The highest bidder will get the privilege of doing the first namaskara on Guru Purnima day.

We will fix a certain price for each painting. You many give just that or you may give more. You know how expensive the hall itself is for rental. For two days only. It is very bad. But we need for Pujas, Bhajans, Concert, Annadanam. It is a gigantic program. So many gave donations for the hall rental. It is not my job. I am also a devotee of Hanuman. I also give service. I will maintain human feelings. Rama always said that he was Dasaratha's and Kausalya's son. He never said he was Vishnu. He always said he was only a human being. You say that Swamiji is Datta avatara (incarnation). That is your feeling, your devotion, your strong faith. This you must continue. But I maintain my human level. I say, 'Oh it is so hot. Where is a/c?"

We need a little bit of donations. Already we gathered some amount. We have a big budget. But we are short. Anyone may donate. May be 2 or 3 donors can come forward to fill the deficit. I am stubborn. Guru Purnima programs should not be done with loans. Loan Guru Puja, and Guru Seva are not good. Pray silently that someone may donate.

Go see the paintings. Write your name and amount. Also your address. Come in a queue. I will give 69 people a good chance.
Dhwaja daana (donation of a flag-post) it is most auspicious. Already 8 people have pledged. We want 69. Anyone may come and book. You will be a permanent member of KSHT. We will do a special puja for the Dhwaja family. Their own right and privilege. They will be the first families.

It is not my program today. Saturday is the concert program, a special puja.
Ever since I saw the paintings, I am very excited. She was a small child, growing up in Chennai ashram. Her parents are good devotees. Her husband also. Cranky like a donkey. Only service is important for him. He does not want anything for himself. He donates everything to Hanuman.

This is a special bulletin. Now SGS radio station special bulletin is closed."

Sri Guru Datta