Discourse July 15th,2011 Dallas

New Jersey

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Dallas ~ 15 July 2011


"Sri Guru Hanuman ki Jai. Sri Maha Ganapataye namah. Sri Saraswatyai namah. Sripada Vallabha Narasimha Saraswati Sri Guru Dattatreyaya namah.

All guru bhaktas, sadhakas, guru upasakas, those who know about guru, those who do meditation every day,
In our tradition, humanity tradition, not Hindu or any different religion, I am calling it always Maanava Vishwa Dharma (the Universal Human Religion); we are all sitting in one boat. We are going on a journey to different places, each to their own destiny. This destiny, we call Karma. The boat is our own body. The ocean is Samsara. It means, our relatives, our work, our husband, wife, and our associations also, all our service. That is the ocean. It is a big ocean. It is a Maya ocean, illusion. Some passengers, they don't know how to get tickets, they have no tickets, no passport. But anyway they are sitting in the boat. Special tickets. They don't know their own destination. No identity.

What are you meditating on? 'I don't know.' Do you believe in God? 'I don't know.' Do you believe in your husband? 'I don't know.' Do you believe in your wife? 'I don't know.' At least do you believe in money? 'I don't know.' At least do you believe in your body, your boat? 'I don't know.' But still, you are on this journey.

Still, this human maya is a chakra that is a circle it is going non-stop. This is a wheel. This is the Kaala Chakra (wheel of Time). This automatically turns. Nobody gives any gas. No supply of any electricity. No one holds the handle. The wheel keeps going. Kala Chakra. No one can stop it. Who is the driver? You don't know. Who are you? 'I don't know." What is your next journey? I don't know. What is your past journey? What is your past address? 'I don't know.' But still you are working, you are eating, you are sleeping, you are crying, you are happy; you are doing everything, working, quarreling, all actions, happiness, and all friends. Everything. But for the question, the answer is always, "I don't know."

Then somebody says, you are such and such, and this is your job. Then suddenly this man asks, this human being asks, "WHY?"
It is very difficult, that friendship. "What?" Again and again. Why? So, who will give advice? Even the one who gives lectures gets fed up with your repeated question, 'Why?' He asks himself, why am I giving these lectures? Always he is asking 'Why?' 'Why?' 'Why?' 'Why?' Because this is a contamination disease. Asking why why why. If you ask anything about God, dharma, anything about religion, anything about puja, some people are automatically asking 'Why?' Who will explain to this fellow? Automatically he will start working for the mental hospital. Then he also is automatically asking, 'Why?' Yes. Why? What is this? Finished. This why disease is going on always. This contamination. That why must come under control. It can be controlled only by the Guru. He gets fed up. He gives good answers. He must fight with the jeeva, with the disciple, with the student. Fight. Why are you asking always, why why why why? You know why you are asking why? He gives a good answer. Sometimes very angry, sometimes very loving, sometimes very affectionate, he explains through so many different stories, giving different, different examples. It is between you, the disciple, and the guru. That is the guru's specialty.

If you ask any human friend this question, why? Yes, it is an interesting question, he says`. Yes. Yes. I have learnt only these lessons. I want to go search in my books for an answer, he will say. I want to ask somebody. He will not ask anyone. Then slowly slowly slowly he also starts asking questions, why why why. That is not good. Then you must leave to seek a guru. That would be better. But people do not do that. They do not go to a guru. You get your ego. You want to correct that person. You want to give some information. You want to give some answers. Then you are contaminated yourself. You are also asking why why why. That is why be careful in giving advice to people. Take the guru's name and the guru's word and examples. Then you can do it. Share your experiences. Do it in front of the guru. Without the guru, if you tell others, 'This is my experience. This is my experience,' you are definitely going to be in trouble. Don't do that. That person also will be in trouble. Now two people are in trouble, contaminated. Then three, four people will be in trouble. So better to know that everything is only the Guru, in our sampradaya, in our custom. Only the Guru knows.

In the beginning, at the time of Creation, if you go to Guru Gita, or Datta Darshanam, then you will understand about the guru. I want to take seven or eight or even ten days to explain only the meaning of the two letters, the two syllables, Gu and Ru. What does Gu mean? The gukaara shabda means andhakaara, darkness. What does Ru mean? One who removes the darkness and gives liberation, salvation. That is the Guru. The guru is most important in our system. In the beginning of Creation, Parabrahman also has a guru, a formless guru. He is capable of giving form. He is capable of remaining formless.

Today we all are very lucky. It is a long tradition. We did short prayers. Short puja, using only yellow rice and some water. If you have facility, you use flowers. Even the vastram (the cloth that is offered) can be only in our bhavana, our imagination, and our feelings. Guru Puja is very interesting. It does not require money and a lot of material objects. No. Without sadhanas (material implements), without vessels, without decorations, we are using only yellow rice and a little water. Even those are not necessary. Only chant mantras, bhavana (feelings), maanasa puja (mental worship). Take bath, only manasa, only bhavana, only mentally go and do Ganga snana (bath in holy Ganga river), only mentally, in your soul. That is real Pada Puja, real Guru Puja. Everyday, early morning, we need to do Guru Puja. That is what Swamiji is recommending. Guru puja is very necessary. Guru Gita is very important. In our old tradition, in India, any caste, any religion, they by heart (memorize) Guru Gita. I have seen. It is a very powerful mantra, this Guru Gita. You can put it daily to listen, any recording, any CD. Guru Gita. Once in the morning or evening, at any time. And also you must try to know the meaning. That is why Swamiji has given the explanation, in so many languages, in so many varieties, in so many voices.

Anyway today this Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple is a very very lucky, lucky, lucky place. Simple temple. Avery simple temple. I have seen in America, so many temples. Very rich temples, like a museum. Thanks. Very good. No problem. Concentration is very important for the main deity. I told today also. We are decorating so many murtis, so many deities. Anyway the main deity here is Hanuman. Hanuman means prana (life energy). We need such a Hanuman's protection in our body, for good health, we need for good buddhi (intellect), we need for good sense organs, for a good soul, we need at least till death. A small boon from Swamiji we ask a small wish, for wealth, at least until death. 85 years, 89 years, 100 years, 102 years. Sit. Sit. Sit. Then it is for exhibition. Museum. Somebody is coming to take photographs, giving $1 for admission. Interviews. But no memory. No hearing, no vision. I am your big son. "Aaaa??"

That is why you must learn now. You are a very energetic personality now. Do good meditation, good friendship. Good guru, good association, good service, good temples. Do something. Do something. Do something. Do something. Do something. Do something. Don't lose time. Don't lose time. Don't lose time. Don't lose time. Don't lose time. Very short time. As much as possible, do service. However much you want to give, go ahead. Mental service, physical service, no ego, no importance. No attention. You are all Hanumanta's servants. No categories, no big and small. You are all Hanumanta's servants. Including your sadguru also. He is also serving Hanumanta. It is a gigantic energy. Good energy. You feel. Come and simply sit at any time. Meditate. Come and sit. Listen to Hanuman Chaleesa and some bhajans. Even for five minutes, Saturday or Sunday. You will understand how you feel. So many Swamis who are visiting this temple, they write to Swamiji, 'O it is such a temple, such a temple. Such a vibration.' It is not a temple also.

So anyway, it is up to your inclination. Don't say that you are not given importance here. If you say, you gave two hundred, five hundred, two thousand, five thousand, the moment you say that you have given, Hanumanta will eat it all up. You will not have, to give again. It should be a secret donation. Don't say. Keep quiet. It is a sin. That money is His money. You are only a cash box. A small box. It is not yours. Give more and more service. We need a small temple here. A big temple. Hanuman Temple.

My special blessing to you all today. Guru Purnima. You have witnessed the Pratyaksha Pada Puja. I remember Vyasa, and his father, and his father and his father, and his father, and his father. I am nothing. Only akasa (space/sky). Okay.

I give my special guru blessings to all of you. Swamiji has given Guru Blessings to you all. You have attended Guru Pada Puja. I am very happy. This is a small hall. But that does not matter. It is hot here. Surya the Sun God is also happy. He is Hanumanta's guru. So He is present. In a few minutes everyone will line up to quickly offer flowers and receive pada puja flowers (as prasadam).

Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow there are so many different programs. Big hall. Good air-conditioning. No problem. It is His grace. One day here also we will have good air conditioning.

I have seen the paintings. Very wonderful paintings. I have selected many paintings. So many people have already reserved. How much money you want to offer you put down, and also you can mention your address and phone number also."

Sri Guru Datta