Discourse July 3rd,2011 Dallas

New Jersey

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Dallas ~ 3 July 2011

Sri Swamiji's speech after the "Bhugarbha Vinyasa," a very sacred ceremony for building the new Temple:
"This is a very auspicious muhurtham, abhijit lagnam. We are gathered here to perform the Bhoogarbha vinyasa Puja for the construction of the Hanuman Temple here. It is an ancient tradition. For Sri Datta Venkateshwara Temple this puja was performed nine years prior to the construction of the temple. 16 years before the Datta temple was shifted in Mysore to the new premises this puja was performed. Also in Vijayawada and Bangalore Bhoogarbha Vinyasa puja was performed well before the temple construction began. Here we hope that construction will begin in nine months for the big Hanuman temple. It is up to Him. He is the Lord. Precious grain seeds are sown today. They should sprout and should grow lush and to the height up to my knees. That will be the indication that Lord Hanuman will take birth here and will grow strong to give protection to all. Please water the area well. It is very hot. Do not allow the seeds to dry out. All those who are participating in this ceremony are fortunate. Niranjan Babu from Bangalore, a famous astrologer, has taken the initiative to direct the proceedings. He came especially for this purpose. I remember his father on this auspicious occasion. His children are also very good.

It is not necessary to only give money towards construction. Everyone must participate. Offer your services also generously. Jaya Guru Hanuman!

2nd Anniversary of Hanuman Cultural Center

Jaya Guru Datta
"This is like a special cinema. A Hanuman movie. Since tomorrow is a holiday. Please give chocolates to all the children and some water also to everyone. You have heard about the Volunteer Health Care Center. In Mysore we started on a small scale. Also in Kerala there is a big building offering both Ayurveda and Allopathy medicine. Chennai also. Half the money goes to health care projects in India of the daily Rs. 5/- collection of Datta Seva. It is paid by members either monthly or yearly. See the documentary on Health Care Center. Hyderabad also. Going to small villages, with ambulances. We support the Harischandra Foundation and the Police efforts. For flood relief and other charities nearly 50 lakhs was given this year from this fund. In Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, some villages are adopted. Now we have also in the Himalayas. No paid groups. Only volunteers. I have no time to visit. They send reports and photos. I only see those. In the name of Swamiji, Datta, and Hanuman they offer services.

Go to Puttu Gam on facebook (on the Internet). Swamiji gives small photos and messages about diabetes, care of women, children, and old people. Also gives information about special plants. People wait eagerly for the next facebook message or the next email message. Yesterday some people requested friendship of Puttu Gam on facebook. But they gave fake addresses. Some profiles are not good. Not acceptable. Please correct those. The profile should say that you like Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji's healing music and bhajans. Write the full name. Swamiji likes. Don't change your profile photograph. Be careful. If the profile is not good, I may delete you from the friendship list after one week. You may not get accepted again.

Whether you believe this or not, Swamiji spends from personal pocket money $1 - $3 to purchase each of the scenery photographs from different websites. Out of love I do. It is not a business. Even if 5 people change their mentality because of these messages, it is worth it. After seeing the video about cigarette smoking, 965 people have left cigarettes. Go to Puttu Gam videos on Youtube. You will see how much time Swamiji is spending. We must bring about change through the electronic media. Young people use facebook. That is why Swamiji uses this medium to reach a lot of people. More people please join.

I am happy about the Health Care Center. It is still a small child. We need a lot of help. There are 2000 volunteers in Hyderabad. 600 of them donate blood regularly. Swamiji is very happy. In any crisis situation they run to help. Automatically their personal problems get solved. No interviews for them. No need. Swamiji automatically knows and solves their problems.

For $1 a day you get emails from Swamiji daily. It is very good. Please join Hanuman Setu Bandha Dollar seva. (www.dollarseva.org). It will help reduce our loans. Today Swamiji gave a message about a plant with a music clip. I purchase the music clips also. Monthly Swamiji spends a few thousand dollars on purchasing these photos and music clips to go with the emails and facebook messages. This is my habit. What can I do? Swamiji has posted the Guru Purnima invitation poster. Then people automatically go to www.ragasagara.com and purchase SGS music. Music and voice temptation. Did you see? Did you listen? Don't say 'no current' (power outage). This is not India.
Now I am asked to sing a couple of bhajans.

We cleared a huge loan with the collection from the Dollar Seva. In just two years. Many said, "It will not work." Even senior devotees gave such an opinion. Now they understand. We will give you the accounts. Show all the accounts without shame. Sinful people accuse Rao and son-in-law of eating the money. The more others criticize them the more I will love them. They have sacrificed everything. You also should fight for the privilege to serve like that. All their sins will attach themselves to you if you criticize. In one year all their sins will vanish. You don't have to pamper them. Just do not criticize. Give support. Ask for more opportunities to serve. Don't be fickle-minded. To accomplish many things Swamiji's permission is required. The Government's permission is required. If you do the work yourself, then you will understand.

You must give peace of mind to your Guru. You must strive to remove the bad opinion that has been created in his mind about the devotees who criticize. At least do some small seva. If you don't encourage them, fine. At least keep quiet. It is okay not to help. But don't take the prasadam, use bad words, and throw it away. It should be accepted with reverence. What if salt and pepper are less one day? It is good for your blood pressure and acidity. If one day salt is in excess, mix it up in your stomach to make it balanced. I never say anything about food. I simply stay away. When later they taste and they realize the mistake, they correct themselves.

Bhajan: moda modalu vandanamu
Bhajan: Ramam ramam raghuramam hari
Bhajan: Ramudamma ramudu ramyamaina devudu
Complete Ramayana is in the 6 stanzas of this bhajan which is like a Telugu folk song. It is good for kolattam dance also. The villagers like this.
All the bhajans are so good. It is tough to make a selection. All are very nice. How to say no any one of them? Cannot reject any. Cannot sing them all.
Bhajan: Hey Krishna Vasudeva
Bhajan: Nagabhoosha nada tosha

At Guru Purnima Dhwaja Seva will be performed. Each family can participate. You may also sponsor for each member of the family. Swamiji will do the Dhwaja Archana. At least 69 members should participate in the Dhwaja Seva. In nine months I don't know how much funding can be raised.

The Bhoogarbha vinyasa is done. Seeds are sown and the crop is harvested over 9 months, 9 years, or 16 years even. For Sri Datta Venkateshwara Temple it was harvested for 9 years in a row. For Datta temple, for 16 years. Now in Guntur for the Venkateshwara Temple crops are being grown. Abhijit lagnam, when it is hottest during the day, at noon, the puja was performed.

Stage by stage we will build. All are ordinary folks. There are no millionaires. Please save what you can and give. People want interviews, heart attacks, and pada pujas. But they do not join dollar seva. Dallas people, please join. People far away have joined. You spend so much and waste so much, on movies, on popcorn. One dollar, you will not miss it. Senior devotees do not want to join dollar seva. They gave big donation. Does not matter. Join dollar seva. Don't miss daily emails from Swamiji. Also Hanuman project.

Very good priests we have. I do not praise. They do their duty. They are family priests. They do not calculate for dakshina. They give for Swamiji's funds. If they are good, Swamiji will keep coming. All are doing exceedingly good seva. I acknowledge. But, many Dallas residents and devotees have not joined dollar seva. Swamiji observes and studies the address list. Even those who help with computer work have not joined. They should also join. Then all your difficulties will vanish. Just think that you just got a new baby girl. Many devotees have even paid in advance, till the Kumbhabhishekam. That is so nice. Swamiji sends video messages also that he himself prepares, with his voice, and with music, to all the members. He uses two or three laptops or iPads to prepare these messages himself. Do not miss.

Attend the Satsang every Sunday. I send emails now even to those who are not paying. I may stop one day. Don't risk losing Swamiji's grace. It is like Mercury. It is very difficult to get back once you lose it. It is very difficult to get back Swamiji's grace, if like Mercury you let it drop in the mud. You cannot collect it again. It is Energy Mercury. That is Guru's grace. Sins vanish. Diseases get cured. Mercury and Lead are used in the treatment of some diseases. Swamiji's protection, Swamiji's blessings, they are like Mercury. You must protect. Don't let it drop. You cannot collect and regain. It will then require very special and tough austerities. You will regret and repent. Correct yourselves now. Do not risk losing guru's grace. "

Bhajan: Hanuma Maruti Anjaneya
Bhajan: Koti Surya Teja Maruti (16 ladies offered harati while this song was being sung).

Sri Guru Datta